Mrs. U.N. Chandani
Managing Directress
SLBFE Licence 1736

If You are Looking for Sri Lankan Man Power, Please click here to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You may call us on Mobile: +94777943361 To view Our Current clients who are satisfied with our services, click here.

Ravindu Manpower recruitment division accesses an extensive database, which contains the resumes of candidates in a variety of fields, such as: Technical, Labour, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, General Management, Medicine, Safety, Oil and Gas and Administration. Ravindu Manpower staff have been carefully trained efficiently to handle all aspects of Manpower mobilization, screening, and documentation. Shrewsbury MA carpets

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We have proven competence in dealing effectively with all hiring situations - no matter how demanding. We try our very best to provide candidates with the most suitable position in their respective fields.

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If you are an applicant looking for a suitable job, please click here to view all our vacancies on the Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies (ALFEA) of Sri Lanka's official website. To view our vacancies please click here. You may apply for our vacancies through the ALFEA website.

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If you are an Employer in a Foreign Country, Please click here. To contact us or to fill a form about your inquiry. We will get back to you immediately. All our clients will have a web portal to upload documents such as visas for us to download or to download documents such as copies of passports, photos or certificates needed for processing visas.